Help..Turn Signals not working – hazards flash instead.

What a day...frustrated and can't figure this out at all.

I have been trying to figure out why my gauges/speedometer aren't working.

I switched out the left side circuit board with a spare one i had. I had to switch it out because the pins were all gone. I installed the new circuit board (which had a different voltage limiter).

I figured out that my speedometer wasn't working because the cable came off.

Now here's why i'm pulling my hair off....when i plugged in the wires to the the replacment circuit board:
- when i push the turn signal down, lights turn signals flash left (which is fine)
- when i push the turn signal up, instead of the the lights flashing right - the hazards flash..
- when i turn on the switch for the flasher (hazards), nothing happens.

So does anyone know why my left signal works fine but my right signal flashes the hazards?
- is it a bad circuit board?
- bad voltage limiter
Author: admin