HelpMeGive work to CudaChick1968


I've been wanting to replace my Hood release set up for my 71 Duster. Ya know the Latch, Catch, Spring, release mechanism and Hook.

This is my plan. Since the PO painted over all the mentioned above. I would like to get a complete set, send it to CudaChick1968 and have her powdercoat it in the factory steel/aluminum color.

Anyone willing to sell this to me? Then ship it to her? I've only seen her work through the site...I'd like to actually own something that she has beautified!=P~
I've been trying to figure out what I could have her powder coat for me...this is the best I can come up with...for now.

Must be complete and working. No missing springs, etc.

I was hoping to go this route without having to take the Duster down for several weeks.

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