HELP! Need electrical guru! systems fading!

Hi Guys,
I'm working on ABodyBettey's cursed car again! After 1 mile test ride and tow home last night, she posted thread about her car not starting. We did replace ballast resistor and started and ran fine this morning, again thanks guys!
However, last night when it blew the fuseable link 30 amp, I had turned on rt turn signal, saw the fender lamp and dash indicator go bright real quick and go out & blew fusable link and ballast resistor. Replaced fuse and ballast resistor this morning started and runs great!
I turn on headlights and get out and notice pass tailight out. Get in and hit breaks, no break lights, while I'm sitting there the dome light goes out, will not come back on with switch adjust on dash. Then my sun gages go out, then my dash lidhts go out then headlights out! I turn on what I think is only thing, left turn signal, fender light extremly bright and dash indicator bright and solid. Turned everything off and shut it down before I loose everything!
Please, someone tell me for the love of GOD what the heck is happening to this D#%^*(^n cursed car "Bride of Frankenstein" strikes again!
Somebody please help, we need this daily driver!!!!!!!!!!:angry4:
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