HELP!!! Flywheel issues…

Hello All:

I am "trying" to install a 5-spd TREMEC(Kiesler-Auto) into my 1964 Barracuda. The car was originally a 904/push-button. I got this flywheel from a 65' Formula "S" from Wisconsin which I think has 9.5" diameter. Kiesler-Auto think that they don't have a pressure plate/friction disk that small for me.

On top of everything, I also outsourced a bell-housing for Kiesler to modify. My questions now:

- What is the most accurate way to measure my flywheel? ...

- What year was the 10.5" first used and on what car and what kind of small block engine size, if anyone knows?.

- Is the correct measurement for the flywhell from bolt-hole to bolt-hole?

- Would there be any side effects in the future if I just went ahead and install a 10.5" flywheel on my 273 engine?

- If there is, is there any other solutions to solve my problem?

- What should I look for with the 10.5" besides "6-hole", 130 or 143 teeth? -

- What kind of bell-housing should be used and how can I tell the difference.? Any starter issues?

Thank you so much, in advance..
I am looking forward to hearing your suggestions...
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