hello guy&gal A-body lovers!

I am Niles J. St. John.I'm just registered on the site and was referred to it by a man who came to my home to buy A- body parts.I asked him about some parts I was looking for and he told me about this sight.I'm very happy that he did! I'm 42 yrs. old and have been an A-body man since I was 15yrs. old.I live in Wheatland ,Ca. Which is northern Ca. My first A-body was A one owner 71 demon/w. 198 6cyl., 3 on the tree and was mdnight metalic blue with A textured white top. This car was owned & sold to me by an old gent that was the original owner&seller.I paid 900.00 for the always garage kept car,it was soo mint and orig. it still had the plastic cover over the back seat! I've owned 16 A-bodies since.Currently I own A 75 duster that I've owned for 12 yrs. and is powered by a360/w. 69 j. heads. 727/w. 3800 stall,full reverse valve body & 4.30 gears. Body&exterior is non-altered,but interior is gutted for a total weight of 3010 lbs. ON street tires through the mufflers it runs 12.80's,very consistantly.Next is my resto-project .A 1 owner All orig. 68 2dr. post,sport special. 198 6cyl./w. 3spd. on the floor.Next is my daily driver ,which is also A one owner,75 dart 4 dr. special edition.w/. 32,000 original miles. This car is soo loaded with interior options it's unreal! 318,pwr.str.,pwr.brk.,a/c,sway bar.Very rare ribbed body color and chrome hub caps.:-D
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