heads up

As I posted in another thread my air compressor pump went by the way of the dodo bird:angry7: but I ordered a new pump, no more oil free shit for me:bootysha:
don't know what was going on in my head when I bought the damm thing
but I'll never go down that road ever again:bootysha:(side note my brother swears
to be damm that I was peting it at sears when I called the wife and told her that I was going to buy it, but I still think he's full of shit)
any way my new pump gets here so I'm good to go or am I?
problem 1 pump don't want to go over 1200 rpm, ok no big deal . yea right the voice in my head say's.
problem 2 my motor is a 6.5 hp that spins 3450 rpm, what to do what to do?:dontknow: I know I'll ask the smartass at work what pulley I need to slow my motor down to 1200 rpm. you know the smartass in question, the one at every job the sob that knows it all. well guess what said smartass didn't have a clue. so back to square one I said to myself. so I did what any one with more than 7 brain cells would do. I hit the net, the information supper hyway
and by pure luck I stumbled on this site the gizmologist's lair and he has all kinda things going on check it out, I googled it myself. well what I googled was pulley ratio chart and ended up there. anyway he has a calculator on there ,you put in your hp number motor rpm pulley 1 dia. pulley 2 dia. and it
will tell you the rpm of pulley two. now I ask you how cool is that?
sorry for the long post went to a cookout tody and had a few ice cold ones:bootysha:
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