Header tube interference

Well, folks, here is the issue Aaron and I have been fighting on his Duster.

The Dynomax headers fit in the engine bay with his new 360 tighter than a kitten's eyes. Everything around them is very close, but it all clears, except the steering column flexible coupler.

We're not interested in banging a huge dent in the side of the tube to make clearance, so we did some close checking for alignment, and it appears that the solution is a Borgeson coupler I found (5/8"-36 Chrysler spline x 3/4" smooth) - just what the doctor prescribed. We'll find out in a few days.

The coupler has a 1" outside diameter and is 2" long, just right for missing the header. A set screw with lock nut is included on the splined end. We'll look at the overall fit before deciding to use a through bolt or weld the other end to the steering shaft. In our mock-up the two shafts are in perfect alignment and there is still a little wiggle room in the floor plate on the column, if necessary for fine tuning.

Here's hoping,
Author: admin