Header paint? is it even worth it? opinions

Hey guys,

I just picked up a set of hedman headers for my smallblock that have only been used a dozen of times and still have the original black paint coating on them, although it is coming off in some areas from being bumped, scratched,etc. I am on a tight budget right now, so my plan was to run the headers until the end of this season, and then in the fall send them out to get blasted and ceramic coated for next year. I was thinking for now of just applying some VHT header paint on them...Is it even worth it? will it just come flaking off? I want it to hold up until I send them out to get coated...If i do spray them with this stuff, would i have to take the headers down to bare metal and then coat them with the paint, or can i just scuff up the existing stuff and spray over? Im worried if i go the latter, it will just flake off of the black paint underneath...any suggestions?

Author: admin