Headed to Florida !!

From West Plains, Mo. and on the way we will want to meet as many of you good people as we can. She wants to go to Miami and the Keys. She says she's going to book me a fishing trip off the coast so if anyone likes to fish and knows where let me know. I think she loves me. That's what she tells me anyway.We will do this in the first two weeks in October and we'll be on the bike pulling a trailer. Not going after a car or parts. Just out fartin around. We'll be staying at motels and are not looking for a place to stay but every evening i want to be able to meet up with some of you and have dinner out at your great eat out place. There should be some seafood in Florida and i like seafood. Ya'll are just some friends i haven't met yet. Not looking for any free meals, as a matter of fact i'll buy. Just looking forward to meeting some of you fine folks and looking over your cars. Maybe a car show that night. No special favors. Maybe do Disney World. We did this a few yrs back and had a ball. Spent 9 days at Disney Vacation Club. Look at your atlas and let me know where your located and we'll plan our route around your location. If the bike leans right...we go right. If it leans left...we go left. We'll do maybe 4 or 5 hundred miles a day. Our longest day was 807 mile from Carlisle to Paduka, Kentucky on the bike. She's tough and easy on the eyes. I mean the wife. The bike looks good too. Lot of good Goldwingers out there too. I've got a sister in Pensacola so that will be one stop if anyone lives in that area sing out. It looks like hywy 10 from there to maybe 75 then south and who knows from there. Let me know if your close to my route and we can divert a little and hook up. Waiting to hear from ya.
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