Got an LD4B, what carb to use?

Snagged an Edelbrock LD4B off e-bay for a steal. Now I need to know what carb to put on it.
It will be going on my '71 318, automatic, 3.23:1 sure-grip, electronic ignition (orange box), factory manifolds, with FlowMaster 40s, and 2 1/4" pipes.
Found an Edelbrock 1406 on local site (4,000 miles for $140). I'm leaning toward purchasing it because everything I've heard/read says it'll be a good match. Carburetors are like "black magic" to me. I've never had much luck/skill with tuning/rebuilding. Thats why I thought the 1406 would be good for me. Simple to adjust/work on/set it and forget it.
I've heard small bowls causes fuel evaporation/boiling so a spacer is recommended/required. 4-hole or open? How thick 1/2", 1", 2" can I afford without hood clearance issues?
Please share your details!!

Thanks as always,

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