Good Junk Yards, and parts cars

Ok guys. Someone posted pics of a junkyard with old cars in it. i don't know about the rest of you, But all the junk yards around here have nothing but 1990's+++ cars. everything was crushed for metal prices.

So I want people to give up what they people out.

WHERE are the parts/cars, and good junk yards?

In BC canada, all i know of are...

1. one In Salmo that has tones of old cars, but the prices are high
2. one in Oliver, But I have not been to it, nor do I know where it is.
3. a good guy to buy parts off of is Cuda gary in langley. He is hit and miss. I have had good experiencs
4. Was one in Creston, but I don't know if it istill there. Behind the old Pizza factory
5. One in Kitchener BC too on the HWY, but hidden

I also know of Wild cats down in Oregon. I havn't been there, but I have heard good things from them too.

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