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Well the GTS sold today and it was a bit sad watching it drive away. The unfortunate fire and total loss of my of my Land Cruiser had a great deal to do with the sale of the dart. As the old saying life goes on and I had a blast restoring it while learning a ton. I can let go of that B5 1969 Swinger I had to sell years ago for tuition because I finished this one and got to drive it. The car was all I hoped it would be and the driving experience was nostalgic. I'll be hanging around but not so active for the next while. I'm going to pursue a dream and build an expedition rig (FJ80 Land Cruiser) to travel the Yukon and Canada's North West Territories. Once I've put that one to rest a big block 68, 69 Barracuda may be the next adventure.

I just wanted to thank everyone on FABO for all the help while building my GTS and keeping me occupied while my mother was terminally ill. The car served as a distraction in a difficult time. I am honored to have been able to help out where I could and hope that Bruce keeps his house and Adam keeps his dart. This is the best dam automotive site going bar none! I had some interesting trades offered to me for my car including a low 9 second dart.

Keep up the cool builds and I'll pop in once and a while. We all have a finite amount of time and I think its cool we spend it pursuing dreams instead of watching the boob tube. My favorite line of all is from Brave Heart "every man dies, not every man really lives". All you take with you is your experiences so build that 7 second car! I've never seen a hearse pulling a U-haul so have fun.

Here is the old expedition rig, and the new one! The guy who bought my GTS had the same car, the same color new! He was pumped to have bought it.

Again thanks everyone


ps I'll likely chime in for those heated political debates, I can't help it.


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