Glad to find the site

Thought I was going to have to form my own group. With the exception of my 1st car, a 68 Satelitte (slant 6/ 3 on tree) it's been only Valiants and Darts (66-69) for 28 years of driving. (There was a Volare wagon mixed in there). Presently, 68 Valiant 100 (225)2door post and our newest family member my daughter's 63 4 door Valiant 200 (170), black with red interior. Never had one so old, what is the deal with some groupings omitting the 63 from the rest of the clan, did things change that much in 64? Also can someone tell me if the radiator of the 63 is interchangable with 64-66, It is certainly shorter than the one in the 68. Thanks and I enjoy reading and looking at all the great cars.
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