Glad to be here

My A body is a 73 Goldduster with a 360 transplant. It's been in the family since it was less than one year old. I have been driving it off and on since 1981. It started out life as a well optioned slant six car with air/auto/buckets/spacesaver package. I have had a string of special interest cars but this is the one that has stuck with me the longest. While my interest is pretty broad(I still own two early Camaro's, a GTO and 5.0 stang) this little A body car has been my favorite for some reason. I guess it's thrift is part of it's charm.

It is currently undergoing a rear end transplant to replace the 7" rear with a period correct 8-1/4". I also have a nice set of used super stock springs to help it plant the power. This is pretty much the last piece of the puzzle to make it a Duster340 spec car as it already has the stock manual disk brake upgrade too.

It's been an amazing little journey making my daily driver into a hobby car. The next step will be to take it all back apart and give it a make over as it has had only one paint job which was done by me in 1988. Car is currently Forest green met. with white canopy roof and interior.

I stumbled across this page looking for some info on the super stock springs and was really impressed by this great A body site so I had to join!!!

Looking forward to participating on this site.

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