Getting soooo close

Alright, guys, start-up time is fast approaching. A few more minor issues to resolve, then Aaron and I will be ready to crank up his new 360.

Yesterday, I talked to the mechanic that rebuilt his Holley carb. I asked him for suggestions on a break-in procedure. Since Aaron and I have only been involved in one previous project (his slant six Dart Sport), I need to do a little investigating to lay out a game plan for this new engine's initial start-up.

So, here it is --- give me your best list of things to do to prepare for breaking in his new engine, leaving out no minor detail. Spell it out as clearly as you can in the correct sequence, including all warnings and "oh, by the ways".

We have a '85 360 with:
Cylinders bored 0.030"
Lunati Voodoo mild cam with dual-coil springs and lifter kit
Mopar M1 dual-plane intake
Holley 3310-4 (750 cfm) 4bbl with new electric choke kit on 1" spacer
New stock electronic ignition components (ECU, volt. reg., coil)
Original distributor
Dynamax headers

If any other information is required, let me know. We are really getting excited to see it getting this close to completion.

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