get me in the 11’s

I'm starting a project this Fall/Winter and would like some guidance. It's a 71 Demon clone that was a 73 Duster in its former life. It does have the fold-down rear seat, so I won't be mini-tubbing this project. I want to get deep into the 11s with this car when it's done, but it'll be a street machine and only see the track on rare occasion. It will retain the stock interior. It's a 4 speed with an 8 3/4 rear and a 360 motor. Don;t think I want to go lower than a 4.10 in the rear. I don;t want to go with expsensive suspension systems, but am not opposed to some mods like SS springs and such.

The motor is from another project and was recently machined, so I'd like to start with what i have and try not to go back and get more machine work. It's .30 over w/ stock crank and rods. Hot tanked, aline-honed, and balanced. I am not opposed to stroking it, but would like to retain as much of what I have to save $$$ for my other projects too.

My question is: How much HP will it take to get me deep into the 11's, using this block, tires that'll fit in the stock wheel wells, and keeping the car in stock trim? How would you guys build the engine to get to that power output?
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