Get a Grip!

I went ahead and installed a new Pistol Grip shifter. I love the way it feels and shifts. I had just a Hurst T-handle type shifter before. It is Hurst part#5388580. It is really for a 71 and up B-body but of course it will fit A-body.

I always had many questions that really never got answered. The first question was how close to the dash does the shifter come? For some reason all the pictures I've seen of the Pistol Grip in A-bodies looked to awfully close to the dash. But this is not true by a long shot. I have tried to position my camera close to the dash in order to show the distance between the shifter and dash. The first picture is the shifter in first gear and the second is it in forth gear.

The second question I had was how would it feel in forth gear? You know how on long trips you always want to set your right arm on something? The shifter is actually real close to my hip now rather than my leg. I can rest my hand on my leg and the arm kind of rests itself on the shifter. I find it more comfortable that the T-handle. The shifter feels stronger in my hand (like I really got control) than the old one.

The third question I had was do I need a different boot?

There are boots that has the square hole in top of the boot and there are the ones that have the round hole in top. I already had the round hole boot so I was going to give it a try and it works just fine. So buying another boot just because it is square is really unnecessary. Saved $$$ there.

Overall I am completely satisfied with it in all aspects. Maybe this will help others in the future that have same questions I had. :-D

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