Garage restoration…of sorts.

It is time.

When we moved in, I did all the husbandly responsibilities:
  • painted interior
  • carpet
  • bathroom and kitchen projects
  • yardwork,
  • etc
The garage never got the love it deserved. I did get the floor coated, but nothing else.

It is time.

So, I am going to burn a week of vacation, to "Restore" the garage. Vacation will be 18th through 26 of July. I got started last night.... Everything is going to come out, the Challenger is going out back under deck, into a cocoon, everything is getting painted bright white, lighting hung, and all tools will FINALLY find a proper home. Then, the 75 Colt comes around. :D

Now, the pictures.
I forgot true "before" pictures, as I was a little too giddy to get started.

Mostly done, some touch up and edge work to be done. This nook holds the air compressor, and is a bit dark. Perhaps a flood light between the shelf, and garage door, facing foward, would help illumination a bit.

Perty near finished, still a little edge work....

The Demon sign is covering a hole, I will probably pull them down when I do the ceiling, and edging, but I wanted to envision the final product.

Plans are to spray it all once everything is out, so that will make the edging and such easier. I want to run a 6 inch tall piece of diamond tread at the bottom of the wall, to handle bumps and kicks, and to clean up the appearance a bit better.
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