FYI – Thief in our midst

Welp as SGBARRACUDA said in his post, time to vent. I also agree with MEMIKE, that is not good policy and we do need to know who does business this way, I wish someone had warned me about this member. I've waited over a month now for some spindles I bought off of a member here for $125.00. He acknowledged receiving the money order I mailed him and said he had a wreck on 04/04/09 which broke his arm. He told me that he was going to get someone else to pull the spindles and get them off to me. I was like no problem man, sorry to hear about the wreck. This is a direct quote of what he sent me 04/10/09 after telling him no biggie and sorry:

thanks again and im gonna see if my girls brother can pull the spindles this weekend and try to get them shipped monday since i cant use my arm and cant move that well again sorry for the delay
That would have been Monday 04/13/09. About two weeks ago I asked him if he had any luck getting someone to pull them for him as my son was asking about them (they are for my 15 year old son's 68 Coronet's disc brake conversion). I seen where he had been on and gotten my pm but no answer. I pmed him again last week asking once again, seen where he logged in but still not a peep. Now I'm getting a little perturbed, I understood to a point but ignoring me for 4 weeks. So I sent him another pm asking for my money back and not to worry about it. He has logged in twice since then and not a word. This week on Monday the 4th I sent him a pm telling him to just send me my money back, I seen he logged in on Wednesday the 6th and still not a word so I've had enough.I have the pms to verify this and screen shots showing some of his login times. I would HIGHLY recommend not trying to buy anything from this person. I'm including his name and state residence as I'm sure he will change his screen name after this post. I hate when people steal, it pisses me off no end.
The member is mopartim75,
his name is:
Tim Quilty located in Rhode Island
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