FS: ’86 Fifth Avenue (not mine)

A guy in Franklin, TN has a M-body for sale that I checked into. I like M's but I am holding out for a F-body for now. He really needs to get it sold, and it should be a good deal for someone. He had it listed on Craigslist, but it has run out. Here's the e-mail he sent me:

"The asking price for the Chrysler 5th Ave is $1200. It is in excellent condition for a car of this age. There are no dents, rust spots or body damage. No engine problems. The A/C does not work, but the heater does work. We have not had the A/C investigated, but perhaps is the compressor. This car was my Mother-in-Law's car until her death. We got it with 20,000 miles. My grandaughter drove this car for the next 6 years, through her high school and college years. She has now graduated, and received a new car for graduation. The car now has 108,000 miles."

If anyone is interested I have some pictures he sent me that I could forward, just send me your e-mail address. The car is dark blue w/blue landau roof and blue velour interior.

Thanks, Mike
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