Front Sway Bar Bushings

Need some HELP here guys. There must be someone out there that has replaced the poly bushings on the front sway bar on a 1970 Dart Swinger or other similar cars. They are the triangular shaped bushing parts that are set inside the stock metal brackets. I have read that you can put them in hot water and that they will expand and loosen up, and then put over the large ends of the sway bar, but how do you get them in the brackets without damaging them. There doesn't seem to be much room for the bushings to expand to except the large ends of the sway bar if the bushings are in the brackets first. (on mine anyways) Or is it better to get the stock rubber bushings to replace the originals that are easier to put on. I don't want to cut or weld any metal if possible. The rest of the front end has been rebuilt with the polygraphite kit. It's been a long week to get the front end done, and now I've hit the roadblock on this.
Author: admin