Fricken cops!!

I have to vent, My wife has been working at the local IHOP for over 8 years and has tons of loyal customers that won't even eat if she's not there. Well, last night they got hit pretty hard with customers and my wife had told the manager to call in some help earlier......he said " we should be o.k."
She has never been written up for anything in 8 years. These 3 local cops come in and decide to sit themselves without waiting. Then they start complaining that service is slow. Got into some kind of verbal confrontation with my wife. Wife goes in for a meeting today with the manager and gets fired......because "they were officers on duty" My wife is sitting in the parking lot crying now and just hung up with me. I guess one of the cops called in to complain that the service was bad. Makes me want to go kick some dumb ignorant cop right in the teeth!! My wife is the best person I know in this world and it kills me to see her get treated this way!! ok, I'm done
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