for those that were having trouble w/ wires for wipers

I had the day off and was determined to find out which wires did what on the 2speed wiper motor. I have found that the brown wire that goes to resistor then to motor is for low speed, while the red wire is for high speed. The blue and green wire haven't found out yet but i'm guessing that they have to do something with when you turn the wipers off the wipers go back to rest position. If anyone still has the original wiring and switch, maybe they can see if there is power going to the blue and green wires at different speeds. The way i have my wipers set up now is with a on/off/on toggle switch. power goes to the switch and then i have high speed and low speed coming off the switch going to the red-high and brown-low. In order for my wipers to come back to rest i have wait till they are close to rest position then turn switch off. Hope this helps.
Author: admin