For Sale 360 Engine in S.E. Kansas

I have a mid 70's 360 for sale. It is a stock engine and ran before I pulled the top end off. It has a new oil pump, fuel pump, water pump, timing chain, and comes with a new set of plug wires. I am also throwing in a mild cam for it. I believe it is just above stock. I also have a set of heads for it. They are both 1.88 valves. One of them is a J head. I am also including a set of headers for a A body Chrysler. I am also including the old heads, starter, dist. and some other things. It has a 2 brl intake but could throw a 4 brl in for $50 more. This also has a tranny behind it but no sure if it works or not. The engine is in Coffeyville, Kansas and pickup only. No delivery or shipping. I am asking $500.
Author: admin