Flexplate changed

Got the flexplate changed without pulling the tranny. Then woke up from my dream and spent most of the day Sat changing it out. Three of the ears were cracked, one broke all the way off, good thing I didn't wait any longer to do it. Tried to save a little time and propped the starter up on the steering linkage, wrong came down and hit me in the forehead above the eye so the time I saved was spend soaking up the blood and closing the cut.
FYI ,the flexplate from the 86 360/727, is the same as my 72 318/904
Is that because they both have the same size converter? I'm glad I didn't have the 904 rebuilt so I can focus on getting the 518 ready and in.
We really need someone to start fabricating crossmembers for the 518-abody swap.
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