finally made it to the local “track”

A bitter sweet day really. First time racing in over two years, and first time with the new stroked rb, 727, and 3.73 geared Dana.

Rained alittle Sat evening while setting up. Rained over night, and again this morning, but it held off for the rest of the day. Keep in mind this is airport racing. No concrete launch pad.

Made three time trial runs. 8.04, 8.05, and a 7.71@94 mph. I was stoked. Car pulled like an SOB. And I was short shifting the first two runs, 5000 rpm. 5500 for the 7.7 run. Trying to be gentle the first time out.

So I dialed in at 7.85, seeing as how my times weren't too consistent. Oh, made it in the quick 16 too .

So I got paired against a BEAUTIFUL 64 Polara from Russell, MB. My 7.85 dial to his 7.16.

So I leave first, a .771 light to his .680 .

I'm nearing the end of the track, and looking for him in the mirror. He's WAYY behind. So I'm on the brakes before the MPH sensors, and coast accross. I see his win light come on. WTH? I knew I didn't redlight.

I get my time ticket, and I ran a 7.50 on my 7.85 dial in. On the brakes . No wonder he was so far behind. Oh well, at least I got beat by a Mopar.

My 60's sucked, with a 1.74 the best. I have a stock suspension basically, with ESPO 1" over shocks on the back, and incorrectly adjusted CE 3 way drag shocks on the rear. They felt like they were adjusted the same, but they aren't. The car dropped pretty good on one side. The little marks on my shocks do not line up with the "clicks", so it's kinda trail and error adjusting them. Ranchos and Caltracs on the way .

Seems like alot more in the combo, but we have no test n tune here, only three time trials, so a guy doesn't want to change too much between rounds. Might have to borrow a trailer and bring it to Minot, ND, for a test and tune weekend to get it all ironed out.

Thanks for listening.

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