Fender Tag Missing (Part 2)

For those that read my earlier post about the missing tag, IT HAS BEEN FOUND!!!! The guy I bought the car from was sure it was in his house...and could'nt find it. Was then sure that it was at the bodyshop where he was going to get work done and the shop remembered the tag...but they had'nt found it yet...( I am getting real frustrated at this point!!!)I take the 1970 Duster 340 to my bodyshop and as he is checking the car out to see what it needs, there it is...inside the driver door(the interior panel was removed). WOOHOO...my day was made!!:cheers: From the way some of you folks were commenting,my Duster just went up about $4,000. God is good,(but I wish he would quit testing me). ;)
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