Fender Tag 76′ Dart Lite help

I just bought a Dart Lite this morning. I believe its a Dart Lite Spirit of 76 car. Reason being its definatly a dart lite, has the correct hood, alum bumper supports. It also has the seats like a hang ten special , and the stripe with blue at the front and red towars the back, but its faded. The motor isnt original, sadly, but it still has the 4 speed in it. I tried my best to decode the fender tag, but amd stumped at a few #s which I believe are the important ones.

A31 I read thats for a 3.91 axle, which I think is for an early car tag

R43 I think this is the code for the Dart Lite, or ?

C6XW ? No Idea

J00901 ? No Idea

B06 It says skid control, ABS could that be correct?

EW1 On 2nd from bottom line on the very left ?

As I said, im positive its a Dart Lite, its still an original car, but can anyone help me with better details ?

Author: admin