FAVORITE Car Chase Movies.

I just watched Vanishing point again... I Want that car SOOOoo Bad now. Pistol grip Challenger R/T with a Supercharger (Allegedly) The whole movie is about Driving and being a Bad Ass!!!!!!!!! Great Car movie. Not a scene goes bye where that Sure-Grip isnt spinnin em both faster that those Bias Ply's can Handle...

And do not forget the Blues Brothers.
Cop Tires,
Cop Shocks,
Cop Motor, 440 Plants,
and it's the year before Catalytic Converters, so it runs good on Regular gas.
Go Monaco!

I also just watched Bullit. That one is kinda lame Comparitavely. They had to put skinnier tires on the Charger so it would look cool Head to Head with the 67 Mustang McQueen was driving. The chase just is kinda Lame. Not worth watching the rest of the movie except for Bullitt's Cute Girlfriend!
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