Fall Fling Malibu Cruise: October 17th, 2008

Ladies and gentlemen:

It is about time for another CPW event, which is the Fall Fling. Our recent tradition of the past few years has been a cruise from Woodley Park in Van Nuys through the hills of Malibu to Dukes Grill in Malibu for lunch the day before the show. This would be Friday October 17th this year. We will begin at Woodley Park around 9 am and venture down the 101 to Malibu Canyon Rd, which will lead us to Muholland Hwy. We will take Muholland up through the mountains, making a few stops to chat, take pictures from scenic vistas, or just look at the cars. One of the stops will be at the historic Rock Store. From that point, we will venture to Kanan Rd, which leads us to the PCH. We will use this hwy to get to Dukes Grill, which overlooks the ocean, right around 1 or 130 pm. This is a great little cruise that we have been doing for awhile and usually attracts at least 10-15 mopars. Bring your cruiser, show car, new car, anything goes, mopar. Lets shoot for a larger number of cars this time!!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to post or PM me. I am sure Steve w/ CPW (autoxcuda) will post as well with information. I am shooting to leave the park by 915 at the latest, so please be fairly prompt.

Feel free to post if you plan to attend.

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