Factory 1971 440+8 Demon Super Stocker!!!

The factory super stocker Chrysler almost built....

In this months issue of "Mopar Collectors Guide" there is an article about Chrysler discussing building 50 1971 Demon's with a 440 dual quad engine. Engine was going to be a 440+6 shortblock, 1964 Max Wedge heads, a cross ram intake, and a pair of carter 3705s carbs. Modified 727 auto trans, 8 3/4 rear with SS 001/002 springs. All steel body with a special hood and scoop for fresh air, radio/heater delete, A-100 seats with no rear seat.

There is several original pieces of paperwork from 10/4/70 that Tom Hoover (father of the Hemi) has from Chrysler stating they want to build 50 of these cars! Too bad they never did, how cool would that be!!! :toothy10: To read more check out this months issue!
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