Engine Staling Trouble

I have a 1974 Plymouth Valiant that will not run, the engine stalls when I hit the gas, until the car is warmed up for 10 minutes. I just bought this car and I love it. I like in Santa Cruz, so, It's not cold weatherl.

To correct the problem I have replaced the following:
- plugs/ wires
- cap/ roter

As well, the car has an electric distributor, a rebuilt carburetor and for good measure I replaced all the fluids.

I just bought the car and warming it up for 10 minutes not only costs gas but is a huge time sink. I know the car didn't drive off the show room floor like this. My girlfriend is convinced that all old cars stall unless warmed up.

The car 'greesey,' runs much better now it's tuned up but still will constantly die after I hit the accelerator from a dead stop!To aviod this I need to warm her up for 10 plus minutes!!!!!

The manager from the local auto parts store suggested replacing the 'choke thermostat.' The part is like 30 and I'm on a budget. Is this the NEXT thing to do or should I try something else, before?

Any, other suggestions!!!!

Please help.

Lauchlan McIntyre
Author: admin