engine sitting – surface rust

I have had my engine under a Summit engine bag for a couple months now, only working on it when I can get parts for it. Yesterday, I found some rust in one cylinder bore. It turns out, when the garage door was open, a drop of water dripped into the bore. I caught it yesterday (water got in there the day before, it wasn't out of the bag before that) and today bought some WD40 and wiped the rust spots with a microfiber cloth. Pictured is the residual damage from today, after the reddish rust was taken off with the WD40. Is this still rusting?

I can't feel any difference in elevation with my finger, but from what you see, does it look like I will need to hone the bore? I am so strapped for cash right now for the motor that I don't think I could afford another round of machining, though I hear the scotch-brite can hurt the motor if some of the strands get lodged between the piston and the cylinder wall. I definitely don't want to do more damage to the motor, so if there's any other recommendations to clean it up by myself before taking it in for honing, I'd be really appreciative.

For the record, I sprayed every cylinder down with WD40 and wiped it in before putting the bag over it again and sealing it extra-well. Hopefully that will keep the rest from rusting :angry7:
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