Engine Pro’s Help please

I am in the middle of building a 410 stroker from an LA 360 Block. I am using an eagle 4340 crank and eagle H beam rods with SRP Dish pistons at 16.9 the girdle from Hughes was installed yesterday and the mains are getting line honed, the lifter bores are being sleeved as I write this. I am also converting it over to push rod oiling using Hughes stage 3 edelbrock heads port matched super victor with a 750 might demon with all the tricks from Don at FBO, 1.6 Hughes rockers with JOMAR valve train girdle and Hughes Hyd flat tappet cam specs

Intake Valve Lift 1.5
Exhaust Valve Lift 1.5.569"
.576"Intake Valve Lift 1.6
Exhaust Valve Lift 1.6.606"
.614"Intake Duration at .050"
Exhaust Duration at .050"246
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