Engine Paint

Ok I wire wheeled my Block to bare metal and rinsed it out with dawn dishsoap and sprayed her down with WD-40.

Now I have some paint thinner I am gonna use on the Intake and heads I think... And rinse off the block just before painting.

I plan on assembling the Block.Oil Pan.Heads(-Commando Valve Covers). [maybe the Intake as well]
and then painting that as a unit with a Red-Orange.

I want to do the timing cover.water pump.and maybe intake. a Hi-temp Silver

Also I am planning on Bare metal primering the Engine Bay and shooting with High temp Silver. The car is Medium Turquiose...

And will Probably paint the underside of the hood in the near future... I am thinking Matte Black would be fine...

My questions are:
-What brand/color of paint will work well to achieve a Mopar Orange for a reasonable price... I have heard to stay away from the thin "Mopar" brand enamel.
-Should I bare metal primer the thing before I spray Hi-Temp engine paint?! I have plenty of white and grey Bare metal rustoleum primer...
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