Electric pump not pumping fan not cooling

Ok so the problem is I dont have the money to buy the right electric components haha. I have a 1969 Dodge Dart with a 360, 727 2800 stall, 8 3/4 3.91. I just recently had bad luck with a couple carter electric fuel pumps. The electric pump worked great for about a month before it would only put out three pounds of pressure. I switched back to the high flow mechanical and ran into some issues. The car stumbles and surges with the primarys and runs marginal when the secondaries open up. In gear it idles at 500 and in park it sits around 1000 for about ten seconds and then kicks up to 1500rpm. If its putting out the same fuel pressure the car should run the same right? It also started to run hot. So i switched from my coustom 1988 jeep cherokee electric fan to a flexlite and a sweet home made schroud. (I still have an electric pusher up front) Runs right at 180 now. (Drove to the movies tonight ran like crap but stayed cool)
Question: Is it just vapor locking and I need to do something different with the fuel lines. I have the line from the tank following the subframe connectors all the way to the crossmember. After that it takes a trip into the wheel well and ends up at the pump. from the pump I roughted it up the wheel well to a holley regulator into the dual feed line.
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