Edelbrock RPM Head compatability issues.

Ok I have a 1970 340 that I plan on getting rebuilt soon. I found a pair of Edelbrock RPM heads on the UK eBay site and won them. Only now do I realise that the 340 Heads(#60179) differ slightly from the 318/360 Heads(#60779) The 340 I have will be getting bored 30th and have the correct pistons to keep the 10.5-1 comp ratio.

1, Will these heads be OK to use on the 340? Or would I be better off building the late 70's 360 I have and fitting the heads to that? I really want to keep the 340 though and build that (I have a 6 pack set up to go with it too!)

2, I dont have any of the Rocker gear, ie arms and shafts for the Heads. Would a set off of a 318 be up to the job or would I be better off investing in a roller tiped gear? (Cash is tight)

Thanks in advance guys!
Author: admin