Ears were buning.

" buning = burning" woops ~Funny how I was thinking I should get back on here and see what was going on and then I find a new thread with a mention of me in it.8) For those that remember I was interested in building a Dart. Loved all the information and support I got. Pregnant = Sick ! Oh I dont think I like this part of things too much. Well the Dart project is on hold, but I have been working on the CAD type programs designing and figuring. Hopefully soon I will have a automated look of what the car will be. I will post pics of the automated version and see what y'all think. Money is on hold for the baby, but I keep trying to convince my 'now' husband that I am just building a nice "baby carriage". He isn't buying into that idea yet.

be peachy ~LL "that chevy lady"
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