Duster parts North Alabama area

I have some items left over from the '73 Duster parts car.

This is by memory, there may be some other small items:

'73 Duster shell, no K-member/brake booster, LBP 7-1/4, nearly rust-free

Late 70's 360 longblock, condition unknown, looks original and greasy, was supposed to be a runner, missing accessories and tin.I think they are 974 heads.

2-'73 fenders-decent

2-Duster/Dart Sport doors, RH has glass

1-inner 73/74 Grille

1-Duster/Dart Sport windshield..decent no cracks

2-'73 up hoods

2- '73 up front bumper filler panels

Duster/Demon headliner bows, not sure how many

various pieces of metal trim

Make me an offer on all or part, thanks!

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