Duster & Dart Sport Registry

I've decided to change my 1973-1976 Duster and Dart Sport registry to all Dusters and Dart Sports. Please send me your info on your Dusters and Dart Sports to dusterdartsportregistry@hotmail.com.

I haven't changed my website yet (it's still in 1973-1976 form) but here it is for anyone who's interested. The website is just temporary until I get a good hosting company (I don't have anyway to pay for a hosting company yet): www.geocities.com/dusterdartsport1973registry

Please send the following information (*=required):

-Email address*
-Full vin number (13 digits please)*
-Fender tag codes*
-Rear end & Gears (if you know the gears)
-Original exterior colour
-Original interior colour
-Status of the car (restored, project, parts car, dead, etc)*
-Pictures of the car (body*, interior*, engine*, fender tag, buildsheet)
-Story on the car
-How did you hear about the registry*

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