Door sticking

I`ve had a hard time getting the drivers door of my 67 Barracuda convertible to open. It would take two hands to open, one to depress the button and the other to sort of lift and pull the door. With the door ajar you could lift it and feel play in the hinges and when you`d open it the door would drop about 1/4 inch. Certain that was the problem I bought and installed a set of hinge pins with new bushings. After the new pins and bushings were installed I greased everything and adjusted the striker. The play was all gone but still the door wouldn`t open without a two-handed effort. Everything looked good on the outside so I looked to the door button/handle to see what gave there. I removed the door panel and got in there with a flashlight. I could see that there was a lot of play in the button linkage. The S-shaped rod that connects the door handle button lever to the striker keeper was only starting to move after I pushed the button in nearly a third of the way. What I did was remove the S-shaped rod and put it in my vise. I squeezed it lengthwise, essentially making it about 1/4 inch longer. When I put it back in ,it went right in fitting perfectly. Trying the door again it shut tight and practically popped open with one hand when I went to open it. So there you are, if you have a sticking door and everything else checks out , you might want to look at your door handle and the S-shaped rod inside the door to see if it may need to be a tad longer.

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