Dodge Axle Parts-Dana 44 and 8.75

I have two sets of axles out of 71-74 Dodge 4x4 trucks and a rear full-time 8.375 rear axle that I am parting. Being a Mopar car enthusiast, I am keeping the rear pumpkins, and housings for future car stuff etc.

Parts that are available:

Rear axle shafts out of 8.75 rear axles:

$65.00 a set

Rear axle shafts out of F.T. Dodge:

$60 a set

Front axle:

I am selling the brakes, (11" drum brakes), a few shafts, one or both housings etc.

Out of both sets of axles I am most likely going to keep the following:

Rear housings- 8.75
Front flat top knuckles
8.75 rear gear sets

I'm reasonably flexible, and willing to ship on some items etc.

Located near Klamath Falls Oregon.

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