Hi I am new to the website and my first (of probably many) questions is this, I have a 1974 Plymouth Duster, 225 Slant 6, Automatic Trans, and i am wanting to ditch the factory 1BBL for a 2BBL with A better ignition (a topic i will address in a later post) and both a Clifford intake manifold and headers. I have heard that's a good setup for a daily driver granting not only affordability but acceptable power and fuel economy. my only problem is settling on the right Carburetor, i have read good things on the Weber 32/36 progressive 2BBL but there is 4 different kinds only 2 of which I am interested in, the DFEV which has a clockwise rotating electric choke linkage, and the DGEV which rotates counter clockwise, other than that i don't see a difference, correct me if i am wrong. which is the one i would need for my application, any help on this would be great, and alternate suggestions or comments are greatly welcome.
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