Detent/kickdown Ratio

So i finally took the old dart out and found a nice long strech of road and stuffed the loud peddle to the foor. the cars nose pulled up and she pulled hard off the line, 1st turned into second with a little tire chirp, then the speed started coming on strong. as i waited for third gear to hit i noticed it was building up too many rpm's (aka, oh crap it's not shifting) for me to feel comfortable. i let off before i thought the valves might float and right as i did it hit third. WTF! the strange part is that at low speed if anything it's shifting just a tad bit too early.? I have an Edelbrock 600 carb. with the lokar detent cable and the trans. is a early 70's 904 but the detent lever is off a mid 80's 904 lockup tranny if that makes any difference? my thinking is that the ratio between the carbs throw and detent lever is wrong so its causing the funny shifting. is there a certain measurment two should be? say if the carb is 1.5" center to center then will the dent also be the same? any other ideas to this problem?
Author: admin