Decided to register

Hi guys,
I've been around this site along with others like and So I decided to get off the can & register!! I have several Mopars and have owned various ones since high school. My current "A" body is a 1968 Plymouth Barracuda notchback. It's canary yellow and has a mildly built 360 with 904 automatic. I've got a little nos bottle in the trunk just for fun. 12 gallon fuel cell and Mallory elect fuel system, MSD ignition. Boring details. It's just fun as crap to hop in and drive. Not a show car. I've owned it since 2003. If you can post pics, I'd be glad to share. I also have a big block (440) '74 Challenger. It's more of a show car and I drove it to Carlisle just a few months ago. What a blast; my first trip! I am a Mopar fanatic. It drives my wife crazy!! Gotta keep her on her toes!! I live in Portsmouth Virginia & work for the Navy. I belong to the Tidewater Mopar Club and know somw club members are on the board here. So howdy from Portsmouth!!

Matt B.
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