Dart Value????

My cousin called me tonite and told me of an add in the local paper in Arkansas. There was a 69 dart and a 63 falcon $500. I got the phone # and called. Acted as if i were interested in the falcon so as not to send up any flags and then proceeded onto the discussion of the dart. According to the seller it is a 69 340 4 speed car. That's what the PO told him. I ask if the vin was in place and the fender tag. Tags were in place but he didn't know what the #'s were. The front fenders are gone. The 340 and 4 speed are gone as is the 8.75 rear end and the hood. Bench seat is gone but the back seat is there. Then i ask the price for his heap. $800. I told him if i got real drunk some night i'd call him back. Maybe rare. I looked in my book and the numbers say it maybe worth it. I guess i'm cautious with the economy as it is. He didn't state wheather it was a GT or a Dart Swinger 340. Production #s on the Swinger 340 is 16637. The total on the GT is 6702. What's your thoughts on this guys and gals?
Author: admin