Custom Door Panels Forsale

For any one looking somthing to set there car part from the rest of the resto crowd,im making custom door panels,with a matching rear speaker shelf.These panels are made of 1/8 inch plexiglass,or lexan,wich ever you prefer.They are custom painted to your specs,with any graphics,stripes,etc,your imagination can concieve.The plexiglass panels are 450.00 a set of 4,with matching rear speaker shelf.Lexan will be higher,because the price of lexan is higher,of course.Im using dupont,chroma base,basecoat/clear coat for the paint,but if more radical paint is wanted,like candies,or pearls,house of color paints are avalibel for an extra cost.I can also smooth and paint your kick panels to match(50.00)windsheid pillar post trim(25.oo)headliner trim(50.00)shipping is extra,of course.Any one interested,please pm me here,or email me at, thanks,toby

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