Critique my 340 build …….

The only machine shop in my vicinity aren't the most talkative bunch. I need some insight before we button this thing up. Any thoughts or concerns would be appreciated :
Bottom end:

68 340 .030 over
TRW L-2316 forged flat top w/ 8cc valve relief, .030 above deck (shouldn't be an issue from what I'm being told)
Stock rods w ARP's
Stock forged crank
Lunati 60403 @ .050 IN/EX: 226/234;Lift IN/EX: .494"/.513"
Worked X heads flow around 240 @ .050, 75 cc
With current head gasket I calculated 9.2:1 compression (not sure how to get more if needed)
Airgap and 670 Street Avenger
TTI headers
3500 stall
3:91 gear

Look okay ? I do have an objective eventually which would be mid-low 12's.

Thanks all.
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