Cop spot lights !! (non-mopar) but cool !

ok ok so I know a few people know what the cop spots are like but are usually on the business end of them.... ha.... so here is your chance to own them !! I have for sale two older Unity spot lamps. The model # is S6. Appears that you can still get parts for the S6 from unity. I am told these things will luminate your life. Might be fun on Rat Rods or the old sleds or your hunting rig !!!

Here is what I know. The spotlights Chrome has very minor corrosion... like 99% positive it would shine up with a little work. They are disassembled at the handle end, but has hardware and a instruction sheet on assembly and such downloaded from Unity. I honsestly dont know if its all there cuz I have never installed a set. Looks complete, but ya might need a couple bracket pieces which from what I can tell Unity has lots of parts. I am selling these pretty dang reasonable considering the prices of these.

$30.00 each or both for $50.00
shipping charges will be added.
Ship from Meridian Idaho 83642
NO PAYPAL ... but have easy options for payment.

ring my bell if ya want info or need these.


Author: admin