cooling problems

well, it seemed when it was cooler outside the cooling system was adequete but now its getting warmer, 90+ right now and will soon be 100 and above. Im running a 340 radiator, same as a 318AC radiator, i believe they are a 2 core. Today i returned home from a trip to town to get gas and when I pulled home i was burning 220 degrees. Im not going to drive my duster anymore till i get somthing figured out. I have heard of additives like water wetter. anyone have experience? How about a bigger radiator? I cant really afford an aluminum radiator right now so i would have to look at origionals. if a bigger radiator than what year of cars can i look for? small block C bodies and B bodies? i dont mind doing a little bit of minor modification to make a radiator fit.

what are my options here?
Author: admin